Though it may be Monday, it is also Laramie Pets of the Week!

Below are the furry friends at the Laramie Animal Welfare Society (LAWS) who are in need of a good home.

Indie, photo from the Laramie Animal Welfare Society

Indie is very curious about every person who comes to meet her and often runs up to the door while chirping when she sees her people! Indie likes to rub against people's ankles and likes being pet (on her body rather than on her head/face). She is crazy about treats and loves to give kisses! Indie quickly jumps into "play mode" and will go wild for any string or feather toys! Because she is always so eager to play, she needs a person who is willing to learn her body language and so they know how when she wants to play and when she wants to be pet! Indie would do well in a quiet home.  She is absolutely not fond of other cats and needs to be the only cat in her household.  She will be a wonderful and loving pet for someone who understands unique cats.  Indie will not be placed in a home with children or dogs, she is also to be an indoor only kitty because of her background.

More info on Indie can be found here.

Sasha, photo from the Laramie Animal Welfare Society

Sasha, born  April 2018, is a longhaired Siamese kitty. She has a shy personality with a little bit of fire mixed in. She will find a spot in your heart and take it for herself. Sasha is a very independent kitty that would do well in a home without children. She loves pets and will occasionally ask her person for a good belly rub! Sasha can be slightly timid at first with new people, but you eventually get to meet a playful girl with a heart full of curiosity. She loves to roam if she knows she has a safe spot to run back to such as her person or a perch. Sasha gets to be a little territorial with other animals if introduced in her safe space, but outside of that is a social cat that LOVES dogs and wants nothing more than to be around them. She does fine around other cats but mostly keeps her space with them.

More info on Sasha can be found here.

Wednesday, photo from the Laramie Animal Welfare Society

Wednesday  is a friendly, loving, and outgoing female tortoise short hair.  She loves to spend time lounging with her people and chirping at you when you talk to her.  Her motor is constantly running as she enjoys rubbing up on you and receiving affection.  She is social and is good around dogs.  She may even play a bit with a mild-mannered dog.  Does well with children too!  She would be a great addition to any family that enjoys feline companionship.

More info on Wednesday can be found here.

Red, photo from the Laramie Animal Welfare Society

Red is a lovable older lady (11 years old) looking for her forever home where she can enjoy her golden years. She am friendly with other dogs and cats. She loves going on adventures and will walk politely on a leash, although a couple miles is her limit right now. She is easy going and very well behaved and usually sleep in the car, so she will gladly go wherever you want! When you are home she will follow you around and love napping right by your feet just in case you try and go anywhere without her. she love food, and can be sneaky when you leave her home alone, so she needs a home that is willing to help her work on her diet. She loves attention and just want to be loved on, petted, brushed, and scratched. She would do best in a home where my humans are around a lot because she just want to see them all the time! She would love a yard because she just loves relaxing outside in the sun (and snow).

More info on Wednesday can be found here.