Its Monday, and that means it is time for Pet's of the Week! The Laramie Animal Welfare Society (LAWS) has many dogs and cats who are looking for their forever homes!

Laika, photo from the Laramie Animal Welfare Society

Laika is a big girl with a lot of love. She is very sweet and just loves humans. She is still a puppy even though she doesn’t look like it (aprox. 1 year old), so is working on her potty training and commands. She is still learning how to be an inside dog but is doing better every day and eager to learn. She loves other dogs and even puppies. She gets really excited so if you have small children she could knock them down but would be so lovable to them. She would do well with someone who has time to train her and work with her and is around her often. She does get stuff on the counter if you leave it out. She is going to make someone very happy and is really a good dog for what she came from and can’t wait to meet her forever humans! For more information on Laika, follow the link here. 

Julius, photo from the Laramie Animal Welfare Society

Julius is a fun-loving boy who will do anything for loves! he is around 4 months old. His favorite spot is cuddled up on your lap. He is great with adults and kids but is a big puppy. He is doing good with potty training but still has some accidents. He does wonderful with other dogs and cats and just wants to cuddle with anyone who will let him. For more information on Julius, follow the link here. 

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Augustus, photo from the Laramie Animal Welfare Society

Augustus is a big, playful, approximately 4-month-old pup! He loves to run around and play keep away but also gets some loves at nap time. He is good with adults and kids but is a big puppy so he can accidentally knock little kids over when he isn't paying attention. He does wonderful with cats and other dogs and is always looking for a new playmate. He is almost potty trained and will benefit from more personalized attention from a new owner. For more information on Augustus, follow the link here. 

Wednesday, photo from the Laramie Animal Welfare Society

Wednesday is a friendly, loving, and outgoing female tortoise short hair.  She loves to spend time lounging with her people and chirping at you when you talk to her.  Her motor is constantly running as she enjoys rubbing up on you and receiving affection.  She is social and is good around dogs.  She may even play a bit with a mild-mannered dog.  Does well with children too!  She would be a great addition to any family that enjoys feline companionship.  Wednesday would prefer to be the only kitty in the household. For more information on Wednesday, follow the link here. 

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