A Laramie man who admitted in March to forging a signature on a $500 check and then cashing that check was sentenced Thursday to a term of imprisonment.

Levi Kristian Mann, 19, was sentenced to three to six years in prison with credit for time served. Albany County District Court Judge Jeffrey Donnell included a recommendation for Mann to participate in the boot camp program. Mann will also have to pay $389.09 in restitution.

Donnell noted that Mann's behavior has escalated since he first entered the criminal justice system at age 12.

"With the upbringing you had, it's no surprise to see you standing here today," said Donnell. "I would like to see you succeed," Donnell added, saying he would give Mann a shot at the boot camp program, but does not expect him to complete it.

Defense attorney Randy Hiller, who has represented Mann in the past, told the court he has seen a change in Mann's attitude.

"When he got arrested on this particular charge, he immediately took responsibility for his actions," HIller said. "What I've seen in Mr. Mann is more of a drive to make amends."

"Drugs have proven to be my number one problem," Mann said in his statement to the court. "I am confident that I can make amends to my victims and my relationships and live a sober life."

Donnell expressed skepticism that Mann could get back on the right track, saying Mann may very well spend his life in prison three or four years at a time.

"You're not telling me anything, Mr. Mann, that I haven't heard from you before," Donnell said. "I don't think you can get through boot camp."

Hiller and Prosecutor Kurt Britzius both recommended boot camp, but Britzius made it clear that "In the state's mind, this is a last chance."

"He can either take this opportunity or he can start spending his life in prison," said Britzius.

"Mr. Britzius is right about one thing," Donnell said to Mann before handing down the sentence. "This is your last chance."

Hiller noted that Mann has no high school diploma or GED, which Britzius said gives Mann very little chance of being successful in life.

Procurement of a GED is generally a part of boot camp programs, and something Mann said he intends to pursue.

"You're at that fork in the road. It's time to choose," said Donnell. "I hope you prove me wrong."

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