A man previously deported from the United States and told not to return after stabbing his then-girlfriend in California was sentenced to prison for his second violent felony Tuesday in Albany County District Court.

Jesus Antonio Gomez, 34, was sentenced to three to five years in prison with credit for time served and a recommendation for placement in the intensive treatment unit to deal with his methamphetamine addiction.

"If I could give you more than five years on the top end, I would do that," said Judge Jeffrey Donnell. "That's the max."

Gomez pleaded no contest in May to one count of strangulation of a household member. Court documents say Gomez punched and strangled the victim in her residence shortly after midnight on Nov. 26.

Gomez told the court in May that he was high on methamphetamine that night and a verbal argument preceded the physical attack.

An immigration hold remains in effect on Gomez, who will be deported after completing his sentence.

Donnell in court Tuesday cited Gomez's five pages of criminal history in sentencing Gomez to the three- to five-year term, as opposed to the two- to four-year sentence requested by defense attorney Candace Pisciotti.

"There is a history of violence, particularly against women," said prosecutor Kurt Britzius.

Gomez said after his previous deportation, he simply walked back across the border. His ability to speak English and valid passport helped him return to the U.S. without any trouble.

Pisciotti said Gomez has been forthright in addressing his methamphetamine addiction, a problem that Donnell was hopeful Gomez will address.

"Keep it up and it's going to kill you," said Donnell. "Or you're going to kill one of your girlfriends."

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