A Laramie man convicted of three sex crimes was sentenced to prison Thursday in Albany County District Court.

Bryan Schmidt, 30, was sentenced to 15 to 18 years imprisonment on one count of sexual abuse of a minor in the second degree. He will serve that sentence concurrently with two other sentences: five to eight years on one count of sexual exploitation of a child and eight to 15 years on one count of sexual abuse of a minor in the third degree.

Defense attorney Vaughn Neubauer requested Schmidt be sentenced to probation, saying Schmidt "has very strong motivations to behave himself."

"We understand the gravity of these charges, but he does maintain that he didn't do them," said Neubauer, who noted that Schmidt has no other criminal history.

Prosecutor Rob Sanford argued that Schmidt's crimes cry out for a meaningful prison sentence.

"To call it reprehensible is an understatement," said Sanford. He acknowledged that probation is always a consideration at sentencing, but said "it shouldn't take long to get to the conclusion that this requires prison time."

Sanford asked for sentences near the maximum allowed on each count. Specifically, he requested 18-20 years imprisonment followed by additionsl prison sentences on counts one and three, running concurrently.

Judge Jeffrey Donnell said he would not get into the details of Schmidt's crimes, but agreed that probation was not appropriate.

"Suffice it to say the jury found -- and I agree -- you used a little girl, the most vulnerable among us," said Donnell, "to satisfy your own desires; your own drives."

"This is a crime that shows me that you are a real danger to the public safety," Donnell said.

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