A man who admitted in May to possessing over 23 grams of methamphetamine was sentenced to jail Tuesday in Albany County District Court.

Cody Matthew Sullivan, 27, will spend a year in the Albany County Detention Center with credit for time served since his April 21 arrest, followed by five years of supervised probation.

Judge Jeffrey Donnell also ordered Sullivan to complete a high-intensity residential treatment program immediately after his release from jail.

Sullivan told Donnell Tuesday that he is done with drugs. Donnell made an effort to impress upon Sullivan just how dire the situation is.

"Eventually, it will cost you your life," Donnell said.

Defense attorney David Korman asked the court for supervised probation for Sullivan, noting this is Sullivan's first felony conviction and his criminal history is made up of drug and property crimes stemming from substance abuse.

Prosecutor Kurt Britzius asked for the split sentence, per the plea agreement, and moved to dismiss one count of possession with intent to deliver initially brought against Sullivan.

And while the charge was dismissed, Sullivan told the court Tuesday he did in fact plan on getting the methamphetamine to other people -- he said he planned to use it with his girlfriend and her 20-year-old son.

"Does it occur to you that that's kind of a problem, Mr. Sullivan?" asked Donnell. "It doesn't matter who you hand it to and it doesn't matter how much you hand them. When you hand it to them... that's a twenty-year felony."

Sullivan said since his arrest, he has sobered up and realized how he has hurt his loved ones.

"All I could think about back then was getting high," Sullivan told the court. "I don't want to go back to it."

Donnell told Sullivan the split sentence is the only shot Sullivan will get to avoid prison.

"You get anywhere near that world again, Mr. Sullivan -- one time -- and away you go," Donnell said.

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