Have you seen it? Laramie has a new mural!

Just behind Bond's (2nd st. and E Custer st.), there's a very cool mural splashing over. I'm always so jealous of people who have an amazing talent for art. I can't even draw a stick man to save my life. As I was driving over to take a look and appreciate this new mural, I decided to make a little tour of it and went around town to find more murals!

Keep scrolling to see all the beautiful murals we have around town. And maybe whenever you have the time, and while the weather is still pleasant, you could go and see them in person too!

Sometimes there are bike tours where they go around town to see all the murals around Laramie. So, whenever they have that the next time, you definitely should give that a shot. Art appreciation and healthy activity at the same time, how fun!

Murals in Laramie

All the murals in downtown Laramie. Let's appreciate and love the beautiful art around town.

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