The worst is over in Laramie, as floodwaters are forecast to slowly recede over the next several days.

National Weather Service Meteorologist Richard Emanuel says decreasing runoff from Wyoming's shrinking snowpack means the Laramie River is forecast to slip back below flood stage this weekend.

"Remaining above flood stage probably for the next several days, but continuing to slowly fall through the week," says Emanuel. "By Saturday morning, it should drop below flood stage."

The Laramie River last measured 8.6 feet at 8 a.m. Tuesday. Emanuel says this weekend's drop will likely be the end of flooding in Laramie for the year.

"If there would happen to be a strong, heavy thunderstorm that would dump a lot of water, it could cause a momentary surge," says Emanuel. "But I don't see that happening."

Even if that's the case, it could still be a month before the flooded portion of the Laramie greenbelt reopens. Parks and Recreation Director Todd Feezer says the river needs to be below action stage -- seven feet -- before visual damage inspections begin.

Inspections would look for erosion of the pathway itself as well as a loss of stabilizing soil. Should everything check out, the city would give the pavement a few days to dry out before reopening the greenbelt.