As someone who lives in Laramie County, you may not even think about this, until it actually happens, but it turns out that our county has more severe weather than any other county in the state of Wyoming.

I am in no way a meteorologist but from a residential standpoint, a lot of it makes perfect sense. If you think about it, it makes perfect sense given the surrounding of our region, the elevation we have, the amount of snow and hail we receive on a yearly basis, and of course the natural amount of wind that we deal with that could build into a much worse storm, obviously with others factors considered.

Stacker recently did the research to find what county in each state has the most severe weather in that state. Here's what they had to say about what they found in Laramie County:

Wyoming: Laramie County

- Severe weather events (2010–2020): 542 (49.3 per year)
- Most frequent events:
--- #1. Hail (41.4 per year)
--- #2. Thunderstorm wind (6.9 per year)
--- #3. Flash flood (4.3 per year)

Laramie County in southeastern Wyoming sits at the heart of what is called “Hail Alley.” If surface winds are powerful, hail can fall at an angle and can be strong enough to tear siding off houses, break windows and injure, if not kill, people and animals.

There it is. I know it hails a ton here, but I had no idea this was considered 'Hail Alley'. In terms of all the states and their counties with the most severe weather. Of those, we have the 17th most severe weather events in the past decade. Look at us making the top 20.

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In any event, hopefully not one with severe weather, we're typically pretty good at going about our business despite any sort of weather obstacles we happen to face in Laramie County. In the meantime, stay safe out there, Wyoming!

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