UPDATE: Laramie Live was able to reach the owner of Shocktoberfest, Jason Palumbo, for official comment.

"I had to make a choice to leave the country for personal reasons," Palumbo said. "Unfortunately, I could not keep Shocktoberfest up to city standards from Europe. I am glad Brian took charge and got the job done. I am actively trying to lease or sell the building. If anyone is interested just send a private message on Facebook."


Original story: As a result of a nuisance abatement carried out at Shocktoberfest in Laramie on Thursday, Mar. 16, the City of Laramie has cleared debris from the outdoor patio of the bar.

Code Enforcement Inspector Brian Forster said the outdoor patio located on the corner of 3rd Street and Grand Avenue was in violation of the city’s general nuisance ordinance regulations. Forster said the nuisance was considered a public, health and fire safety violation.

Forster said that he had attempted to contact the owner of the bar a week ago and recieved no response.

"In this case, this is an emergency abatement," Forster said. "We can go in and clean this out with no notice."

Forster said once the city crew tasked with removing the garbage from the patio had been paid, Shocktoberfest would be issued a bill for the cost of the removal, plus a 20 percent administrative fee.

Forster said the Shocktoberfest bar is closed currently and he was not sure when it was going to reopen.

Jason Palumbo, the owner of Shocktoberfest was not available for comment and others associated with the bar would not comment on the record.

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