How can the city dump litter so horribly? They are not putting the trash into a lined area, or compressing the trash so that it stays in one area, and on windy days are unable to keep it within their area. I understand that they go back and pick up some of the trash that flies out of the dump, but they only pick up a portion of what flies out. I would think that this presents a risk to the Laramie community, as trash flies and hits cars as they pass, as well as an unsightly mess. Does anybody monitor this?


"The City of Laramie takes litter control at the landfill quite seriously. When the facility is fully staffed, there is one dedicated employee whose sole responsibility is to collect litter on and off site. To date (2018), our staff has dedicated over 250 hours to litter collection alone. Along with these efforts, the city has invested heavily in mobile litter fencing and adjusts its daily operations according to weather and wind conditions. A strong working relationship with the largest landowner in the area has also been developed so that we can have greater flexibility in addressing any issues that may occur off premise.

Despite all of these focused efforts, there are some occasions where it is impossible to control onsite litter, especially when experiencing gale force winds. Unfortunately, as much as we work to limit the amount of litter blowing offsite, it cannot be fully eliminated."

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