Kathleen Madigan will make her highly anticipated stop at Laramie's Gryphon Theatre on Saturday. To whet your appetite for stand up comedy in the meantime, we tracked down Kathleen's three funniest comedy bits and have compiled them in one list for you to enjoy.

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    As Kitty Forman said on "That 70's Show", "All families are embarrassing. If they're not embarrassing, they're dead." In one of her early specials, Kathleen tells stories about her parents, who have a cabin ready for the nuclear apocalypse.

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    A Farm's Worth of Bacon

    It's a truth universally acknowledged that most people love bacon and would have a hard time giving it up, despite the health risks it presents. In this clip, Madigan weighs in on how she feels about Sanjay Gupta's medical analysis of bacon's effect on the human body.

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    Doomsday Preppers

    Like many others, Madigan finds herself fascinated by doomsday preppers, the individuals that build forts and bunkers to live in in the event of an apocalypse.

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    Bothering Jesus

    In the titular bit from her latest Netflix special, Madigan explores the difference between Catholics and Christians, and reflects on her Catholic education.

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    Nurse Mom

    If you've been listening to the ads promoting Madigan's appearance at the Gryphon, you've already heard at least part of this bit. However, the snippets used in the radio ad don't do the whole bit justice, especially as Madigan describes her mom's thought process after Madigan swallows the pain relief pill without looking at it.

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