CHEYENNE, Wyo. (AP) — A district court judge has ordered a comic shop to pay a debt totaling over $100,000 and legal fees to the Cheyenne hotel where it hosted the city's first Comic Con in 2016.

The judge ordered Loft Collectibles, Comics and Games LLC to pay Little America's Hotel and Resorts more than $6,000 for attorney's fees and costs on Aug. 22 on top of the money it already owes for the three-day convention in May 2016.

In Loft Collectibles counterclaim against the hotel, it argued the hotel had breached their contract by failing to provide promised services and adequate parking. It says the hotel's "action and failures" cost the shop revenue.

The comic store closed Aug. 13.

Loft owner Phil Mitotes did not respond to calls on Friday.

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