Former Senator for the state of Wyoming, Alan Simpson, appeared on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart Wednesday night.  Simpson talked with host Jon Stewart about the United States' economy and how the country might avoid the fiscal cliff.

Simpson only appeared on the broadcast portion of The Daily Show for just over 6 minutes, however he was then invited, by Stewart, to stay for an extended interview which is now available online.

Simpson has made headlines recently for his for his frank, shoot-from-the-hip criticism of people on both sides of the political aisle.  Simpson didn't hold back during his Daily Show appearance, saying, in the extended online interview, that members of both political parties are gambling with the fiscal cliff, and using the country as stakes.

"The democrats are saying 'if we go off the cliff it might help our party.'  And the republicans are saying 'wait a minute, if we go off the cliff it could help the republican party.  Let me tell you what that is.  That's like betting with your country.  That's really stupid.  Because there's a group out there that doesn't give a damn about republicans or democrats or presidents and it's the people we owe sixteen-trillion bucks to."

Simpson, along with former democrat White House Chief of Staff Erskine Bowles were made part of the bi-partisan Simpson-Bowles commission, Obama issued an executive order for the commission to study the United States debt crisis in 2010.


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