Motley Crue bassist and rock legend, Nikki Sixx has been living his best life in Wyoming for the past couple of years. If you follow him on social media, you can see he REALLY loves it out here. I mean, not like Jeffree Star and opened a Yak meat store, but nonetheless, he loves living the Wyoming lifestyle.

It was reported that Nikki Sixx just bought a nearly 7 million dollar home in LA.

So, what does that mean for his Wyoming home? Is Nikkie Six and his family moving back to the big city light?

Nope. While he's bought the nice mansion in LA, he just has it for his LA trips, according to Loudwire's Todd Fooks.

So, you won't have to miss out on all the cool social media posts from him at his Jackson home. I would be really sad if I didn't get to see the moose videos from them coming into his yard all the time. I really like stuff like that, though, seeing wildlife in someone's yard. Especially if it's a rock legend.

I know most Wyomingites are not fans of celebrities moving into their state. I get it. Nikki Sixx seems different, though. I mean, he's just enjoying his life and not really doing anything to annoy people that live in the state. It was kind of funny, my wife showed me a video of Jeffree Star welcoming friends to Wyoming and he immediately made them quit mocking cowboys, he's like we don't do that here. It's actually refreshing when you have some celebrities come in and actually take to our way of life.

Here's a look at that new mansion for Nikki Sixx.

Pictures of Nikki Sixx's Lake Sherwood Mansion

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