Adorable puppies. Delicious food. Wine. And did I mention puppies?

What more could you need at an evening celebrating and raising funds for the Cheyenne Animal Shelter?

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How about the perfect theme? Say it with me, the Phantom of the Pawpura. Picture this, tuxedos, roses, masks, and maidens singing arias (okay, maybe not actual opera singing, but I'm sure someone will dress as Christine or Carlotta. Newsflash, it might be me.)

It's going to be FANTASTIC. So grab your top hats and opera gloves, and prepare for one of Cheyenne's best galas of the year!

2023 Cheyenne Animal Shelter Fur Ball

So when is the pawsome event going down? The 2023 Fur Ball starts at 5 p.m. on April 29th at Little America. The event will feature a scrumptious dinner, libations, and various live and silent auction items. And, of course, the CAS will bring the furry stars of the show for you to cuddle and admire during the night!

A note about the auction items - there's always a phenomenal assortment to bet on. You'll find treats and gear for your pup, spa packages, wine bundles, jewelry, and more waiting for you at the event. And your purchase goes to a wonderful cause - helping ensure the long-term stability of the Cheyenne Animal Shelter!

You can find additional information on the 2023 Fur Ball by clicking here. Also, if you're interested in donating auction items, you can find more info on donating by clicking here.

About the Cheyenne Animal Shelter

The Cheyenne Animal Shelter provides a safe place for homeless and unwanted pets in the Cheyenne community. They strive to find a home for every adoptable pet that passes through their door. They also provide various low-cost services for pet owners in the community. Find out more about the Cheyenne Animal Shelter here.

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