Wyoming is an adventure hot spot, even in the coldest times of the year.

Yep, all of those options are available, even dog sledding.

Not something that most people have done, but we've all seen dog sledding in movies or on tv.

Movies like:

  • TOGO
  • Iron Will
  • Sled Dogs
  • Eight Below
  • Snow Dogs
  • The Call of the Wild
  • White Fang

If you're looking for a cool new experience, dog sledding may be right up your alley.

Don't think it's easy and just any dog can pull you around on a sled. These dogs are trained, most of the time, from when they are puppies and are skilled in what they do. Driving the sled isn't a cakewalk either.

Controlling speed, turning,  holding on, commands,

The thing with dog sledding, it's not offered at too many places in the state, but there are quite a few options to live out your childhood dreams.

Some of the places that offer dog sledding are:

Call of the WYld

Togwotee Adventures

Jackson Hole Iditarod Sled Dog Tours

Heart Six Ranch

Continental Divide Dog Sled Adventures

Husband and wife adventurers, Jay and Nina, are based out of the Jackson Hole area and travel all over the US and World to go on adventures. Since they live and work in Jackson Hole, they've made friends around the area, and having friends is one way you get you get to cross things off your bucket list.

Their adventures have taken them all over, but Nina says dog sledding is now their new favorite pastime.

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