A new study by WalletHub has revealed that when it comes to supporting working fathers, Wyoming is mediocre at best. The study set out to explore the best and worst states for working fathers. Overall, the study found that Wyoming ranked 30 out of 51 based on how well working dads are managing when playing the dual role of parent and provider in the Cowboy State.

Working Dads in Wyoming Get a Mixed Bag

The WalletHub study explored four key areas to develop their findings: Economic and Social Well-Being, Work-Life Balance, Child Care, and Health. Points were given in each category, and states with higher point values received a worse rating in the study.

In the Social Well-Being category, Wyoming only pulled in 19 points. Factors such as median family income adjusted for cost of living, the unemployment rate of fathers, and the number of working men living in economic stability impacted the number of points earned in this category.

The Cowboy state fared better in Work-Life Balance, earning 44 points in that category based on factors such as commute time and length of the workday. Child Care and Health earned 24 and 34 points, respectively.

Overall, Wyoming averaged a total rating of 46.78, putting the state below Delaware and above Oregon.

Best and Worst States for Working Dads

While Wyoming ranked 30th on WalletHub's study, the Cowboy State fared far better than Lousianna, which earned only a 33.19 total rating. Conversely, Massachusetts scored a whopping 69.53 total rating, making it the best state for working fathers.

For more information on the study, check out the WalletHub study here.

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