The popular summit rest area on Interstate 80 between Cheyenne and Laramie could be closed for several months.

The Wyoming Department of Transportation says the contractor in charge of taking care of the rest area facilities left her job.  WYDOT spokesman Ross Doman says without someone to clean restrooms and empty the trash, the rest area would become very unsanitary.

"It's terrible," says Doman.  "Completely out of our control, though."

WYDOT has not said why the contractor left.

Finding a replacement could take some time.  The department must hold a bidding process before awarding the contract.

"It looks like it could be up to April first before we can get that done," says Doman.  "So unless there's a change, and it's possible that we are working on getting somebody up there sooner to take over that contract, it could be into spring unfortunately."

Doman says the department will try to find someone to fill the position in the meantime, but until there is someone in place to keep the facilities clean, the rest area will remain closed.

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