The intersection of I-80 exit and the westbound on ramp at 3rd Street has become very dangerous, and the danger has increased by making the adjacent Boswell Drive a through road. The area has become a free for all every morning and afternoon, is there any chance we could get some traffic control lights in that location?


"In cooperation with WYDOT, the Bill Nye Avenue Corridor Study was completed by the city to determine the best long term solution for this intersection's complex. The study can be found here. Please read the report knowing that there is a caveat that further analysis has indicated the best connection would be at Palmer Drive and 3rd Street, which, coupled with additional traffic control at Boswell and 3rd (closure or turning movement restrictions), would be designed to alleviate concerns. The aforementioned additional analysis can be found on the City Planning Commission's January 22nd Planning Commission Agenda. The city and WYDOT are aware of the traffic issues at this location and are working to find a reasonable long term solution. Unfortunately, this does not include a quick, simple fix. Thank you for your input."

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