August force fed all things pumpkin spice down our throats like it was the only good thing we had to look forward to this year. I’ll admit it, I drove through City Brew’s drive through, saw pumpkin spice everything, considered it, couldn’t allow myself to do it and got an iced coffee instead. I sweat that one out for a solid 14 seconds while Tabitha waited in baited breath for me to make my decision with 7 cars awaiting my choice. Whew. That was close. 

The website Zippia decided to look into what states grow the most pumpkins.  

Americans spend big every year on fall festivities, from costumes to candy to other spooky trappings. And who can forget the star of fall, the pumpkin? Almost 1-in-2 Americans will carve a Jack O’Lantern this year (with more digging into a delicious pumpkin pie or sipping on a Pumpkin spice latte.) 

For many Americans, pumpkins are just a seasonal treat, but a way of life and how they make a living. Over 1.5 billion pounds of pumpkin are produced in the US, on over 15,214 farms. 

With those whopping numbers, we set out to find the states who grow the most pumpkins and other fun, festive facts. 

Does Wyoming produce a lot of pumpkins? No. Not at all. We’re second to last in growing pumpkins here in the Cowboy State, at #49. Alaska is the only state that ranks lower. Colorado comes in at #16, so you could cross the border to the south for a nice pumpkin. 

It’s fun to note that Illinois came in 1st. Most people think of Illinois as the state that has Chicago and not a huge agricultural state. My Grandfather owned a farm in Southern Illinois and he grew massive pumpkins. That being my only sample size, I can agree with it.  

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