October 2022, an early Sunday morning breaking with my friend Jim Cunningham of Cunningham Electric in Casper Wyoming.

As usual, we were talking about our love of aviation. It was a perfectly beautiful morning. "Let's go flying," said Jim.

He was on the controls most of the way. I wanted to get some video of this. You can watch the video below.

Puffy little clouds below us. Fall colors. Morning Sun.

We began by flying over Casper and Muddy mountains, then high above the Laramie range, south.

attachment-Glenn Woods & Jim Photo By Glenn Woods

From there we turned over Glenrock and up to Hole In The Wall, where Butch Cassidy and Sundance hid out with their Hole In The Wall Gang.

There was no real reason for the route that we took. We were just following our whims.

It's always amazing to me where the land pushes up and where it erodes down, making the rolling scape that is this part of Wyoming.

One of my favorite geology books is called Rising From The Planes. It is not written like a geology book at all but reads more like a novel.

I explained to Jim that the Laramie and Bighorn ranges are not there because of fault lines. You might think that with such big mountains there would have to be one.

attachment-Over Laramie Ranger Photo By Glenn Woods

Imagine that you and I are on opposite sides of an Oriental rug and we pushed our ends toward each other. We would get a wrinkle in the middle.

That is what these mountains are.

In other places, like Hole In The Wall, the land has eroded down, from wind, water, and glaciers.

This is the video - Sorry a cover photo did not load.

Jim and I agreed that Wyoming should be experienced from every angle. Driving, hiking, and from above.

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