This past summer we gave you the news that you could buy a tiny town near Devils Tower. Well, now the long story short is that someone wanted it and got it, or will get it at closing in April. The cool part of the story is who bought it - a Scottsdale, Arizona businessman who, as a kid, spent every summer at the town of Aladdin, Wyoming.

Once a coal mining community of around 100, the population is now 15, and was supposed to sell for $1.5 million, or so we were told, but in June, after that amount got no takers, it went to auction. It turned out the buyer couldn’t come up with financing (for whatever his highest bid was) and the 30 acres were put back on the market.

On December 10, 2017 the Rapid City Journal reported that the owners, Rick and Judy Brengle had a deal, though they nor the buyer would reveal their price. Whatever this land’s value really is, I bet previous owners would love to know now. Never mind that for all the Black Hills, the first owners were once the Sioux.You just get a sense that the Brengles liked this guy, Rob DeMaranville.

December 15, Fox News picked up this story, mentioning Rob referred to “long family ties” to the town. He will also change very little of it. He noted, however, some improvements will have to be made "if Aladdin is going to be Aladdin 20 years from now." Maybe that referred to things like the aging building that houses the general store – 124 years old.

It isn't just a stop en route to Devils Tower, it's really busy when Sturgis riders come by. See more about Aladdin with great photos on this travel site, like a historical marker for “Custer’s 1874 Expedition.”

In the end, for both, the deal they made for Aladdin had to be exciting. The Brengles got it sold and to a buyer who they knew cared about the place. And you can only imagine how Rob felt - maybe like a kid again. He just bought his childhood.

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