We all know that due to the pandemic, March Madness never got the chance to take place in 2020. And nothing happened for sports for so long. But if you happen to be a hockey fan, a daily treat is currently being served for you everyday with a plethora of playoff games.

The NHL did a solid job of following new procedures and protocols to continue their season (as did the NBA) and even without fans in the stands, hockey games on television have been as exciting as ever.

Everyday, there are games beginning around 11 a.m. or noon MST based on the schedule and then going on until roughly midnight. It feels like a March Madness slate of games scheduled due to the way the schedule plays out and you get to see at least some of each game live. That would not be the case in a normal playoff season. Usually you would just watch your team and maybe have to watch highlights on SportsCenter to catch up on all the other playoff series, but not this year.

Don't get me wrong, I'd certainly prefer a normal season and playoffs just as I'm sure any hockey fan would. But given the circumstances, the NHL along with NBC Sports has done a phenomenal job in their scheduling to help fans enjoy the remainder of the season.

As I'm from St. Louis orginally, and a die hard fan for the defending Stanley Cup Champion St. Louis Blues, I understand this is most likely Colorado Avalanche fandom territory that I'm in so we'll save the trash talk for when we meet up at some point to advance in the Western Conference. But for now, it's great to have hockey back so let's enjoy it!

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