If you need an idea of what to put on for the kiddos this Halloween, this might help. From E.T. to Hocus Pocus, the Halloween movies you loved as a kid are classics to this day for a reason—they’re the best spooky movies for kids. We just had the free screening of E.T. last week, during the Boofest event, so we'll probably skip E.T. then.

It's not on the list but if you remembered Cartoon Network's show "Courage the Cowardly Dog," boy that scared me so much as a kid. The ghosts were awfully terrifying for a kid's show, I was the cowardly dog.

Wyoming's Favorite Spooky Kids Movie is...

The team at USDish set out to find which spooky children’s movies each state’s residents still love. And according to the survey, Wyoming's favorite spooky kids movie is... Hotel Transylvania!

Personally, one of my favorites, because of Selena Gomez! If you didn't know, Selena voices Mavis Dracula, the daughter-Dracula in the movie. And what makes this 2012 movie even more fun is we have Adam Sandler voicing Conde Dracula, the main character.



We're the only state that favors Hotel Transylvania. The dynamic duo, Shaggy and Scooby-Doo, have stolen the hearts of Americans, coming in as the most searched movie in 13 states, including our next-door neighbor, Nebraska.

Apparently button eyes are in this year, with Coraline coming in as the second most popular kids’ movie in America. E.T. has risen in popularity since our last report—it’s now the most searched movie in 4 states. 

The 1998 Disney Channel classic Halloweentown has remained Oregon’s favorite spooky kids’ movie, which is fitting since the movie was filmed in St. Helens.

Ghostbusters is also pretty popular with 8 states searching up the movie most, including our neighbor in Idaho.

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