100 years ago today, on January 31, 1917, Governer Robert D. Carey signed a bill into law adopting the official Wyoming State Flag.

The iconic image was one of 37 entries into a contest, sponsored by the Wyoming Daughters of the American Revolution, which invited the public to submit designs for a potential state flag.

The winning entry was created by a then recent art school graduate Verna Keays, who was awarded the $20 grand prize.

Keays chose the bison to celebrate Wyoming's wildlife. The seal honors the state's ranching industry. The red stripe represents Native American tribes and the blood of pioneers who sacrificed their lives to settle the west. The white stripe is a symbol of purity and the blue background is a tribute to the sky and mountains.

After the design was chosen, it underwent a review from University of Wyoming professor Grace Raymon Hebard, who recommended that the bison should face towards the hoist of the flag instead of the fly.

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