In response to the statement made about the green arrow light, we understand that the arrow turns green at the end of the cycle if it detects vehicles. Why doesn't the city or the state reprogram the lights so that the green arrow is at the beginning of the cycle if a vehicle is detected instead of the end? I've also noticed what I feel is a very dangerous setup with a flashing yellow arrow light and a green arrow light. I feel that it is dangerous if you're not used to it, and I've seen many close calls where drivers think they can turn in front of traffic, not knowing they have the green light.


"The City of Laramie operates traffic signals in accordance with national standards and guidelines. A green arrow indication at the beginning of a phase causes a delay to the through movement that is most often unnecessary due to the disparity in traffic volumes between turning movements and through movements. By utilizing a flashing yellow (caution) signal at the beginning of a signal phase, the number of unnecessary stops and delays is reduced since it allows traffic to move freely once it is safe to do so. Any driver unfamiliar with the Uniform Vehicle Code should consider referencing this publication to better understand the meaning of traffic signal indicators. A flashing yellow arrow signal means "vehicular traffic is permitted to proceed through the intersection or past such signal indication only with caution

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