Governor Matt Mead announced today that he wants all state agencies to be consistent in the use of at-will classification for employees. Currently state employees are either at-will or permanent. The permanent position jobs have a one-year probationary period and then any termination must be justified.

“It is appropriate for directors and high-level managers to serve at-will,” Governor Mead said. “Some of our agencies are set-up this way, but we do not, yet, have consistency across state government.” Governor Mead said he began work in January to get consistency in state agencies, while allowing for more at-will employees.

“In my push to make Wyoming’s state government operate more efficiently, I understand the need to make some positions at-will,” Governor Mead said. “I want to have a uniform system in every agency and I want that system to make sense so that we can hire the best possible people to work for our citizens.”

Governor Mead asked the Legislature to approve a study of at-will employees working for state government. The Legislature agreed and that study is now complete. It shows 350 at-will jobs currently in state government and recommends an additional 127 positions be classified as at-will.

Any move to at-will for existing directors, deputies and managers would be voluntary. New hires in recommended at-will positions would be considered at-will from the beginning of their employment. Governor Mead said he will watch the change in employment classification closely to ensure it is effective in delivering better service to the public.

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