It is official, the current Director of the Wyoming Office of Homeland Security has stepped down. Joe Moore made the move to become the U.S. Marshal for Wyoming. Filling the spot of Interim Director of the Office of Homeland Security will now go to Larry Majerus.

Governor Mead thanked Joe Moore for his services to the state and also said he is appreciative of Majerus stepping forward to take over the agency. Prior to his new interim position, Larry Majerus has served as the Deputy Director of the Office of Homeland Security for eight years and also served as Police Chief in Douglas. Governor Mead will continue his work on finding a permanent director, in the meantime, Mead believes the Office of Homeland Security is in good hands with Larry Majerus.

The Wyoming Office of Homeland Security's mission is to prepare, train, prevent, respond to, and recover from natural/man-made crisis or disasters to include terrorist threats and attacks. The office provides assistance and support to statewide responder agencies as they either experience or respond to these events.

The information in this article was released by the Office of Governor Matt Mead. You can find out more about Governor Mead and the State of Wyoming by visiting the Office of Governor Matt Mead webpage.