If you're up for a road trip, you can partake of the national park of your choice for free this weekend.

Thanks to Thrillist for the reminder that this weekend is the beginning of National Park Week. Starting Saturday, April 20 and going through April 28, you can visit any national park for free.

You might think "well, that's great, but most of the roads and facilities are still closed". Actually, that's not completely accurate. The Yellowstone National Park website shows that many main roads will be reopening this Friday, April 19 just in time for the free weekend.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Before you make a long drive, check out the specific park conditions as weather can change at any moment because you never know when Wyoming will be very Wyoming.

Grand Teton National Park roads can be a bit iffy until the end of April, so definitely check ahead first but it's also free this weekend if it's open.

Devil's Tower National Monument has an interesting closure. The climbing trails are not open due to nesting falcons. Go birds.

Oh, and don't even think of driving up Trail Ridge Road in Rocky Mountain National Park until Memorial Day weekend. The frozen tundra would just laugh at your puny automobile.

The Weather Channel website is calling for temps at or near 70 for Wyoming this weekend, so a road trip to a free national park in our neck of the woods may be doable. Just check ahead to make sure all is good for roads.

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