Ah, Wyoming. Home of sweeping prairies, dramatic mountainscapes, and gorgeous sunsets. We love your majestic beauty - why else would we put up with the crazy wind and hailstorms? Yes, our state is beautiful. But according to Thrillest, Wyoming isn't the most beautiful state in the country. And I respectfully disagree with them.

Now, I'll give Thrillest some points because they did list some pretty amazing sites explaining why Wyoming is in the country's top ten most beautiful states. They accurately choose Devil's Tower, the rocks of Vedauwoo, and of course, Yellowstone and Grand Teton. But despite their list, somehow, they still only ranked Wyoming 10/50.

So who did they rank first? California. Sure, the Redwoods are stunning, and Joshua Tree is breathtaking. But how can you justify first place with the congestion of the big cities? In Wyoming, our smallest towns have glorious views of mountains or plains, and even our biggest city (Cheyenne) has uninterrupted views of twinkling stars - no smog or skyscrapers block our views.

If nothing else, Wyoming should be in the Top Five on the list. I mean, have you seen a sunset on the Tetons? Mind-blowing. But instead, Hawaii, Alaska, Utah (Utah???), and Colorado sit behind California. I can get behind Hawaii and Alaska - maybe even Colorado. But I think Wyoming should swap out with Utah.

Who else ranks ahead of Wyoming? Mostly coastal states. Washington, Oregon, Michigan, and Arizona follow behind Colorado in that order. I know I may be a little prejudiced. Still, there's a reason Wyoming has the first National Park (Yellowstone), the first National Monument (Devil's Tower), and the first National Forest (the Shoshone National Forest)...because our state is beautiful. With a list of that many firsts for natural beauty, it should be common sense that Wyoming deserves First Place for the most beautiful state.

No worries, Wyoming. You'll always be #1 in our hearts.

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