Prosecutors in Campbell County have decided to charge a male 14-year old, who brought 2 guns and ammunition to a Junior High School in Gillette, as an adult.

The Gillette News-Record is reporting that Dale Warner is facing 9 counts of attempted first degree murder.

Gillette Police Lt. Brent Wasson says each of the nine counts is for a potential victim who was identified as someone the student intended to target because he was unhappy with them, or was in the classroom where the student planned to commit the shooting.

Court documents say in an interview with investigators, Warner did not show any concern about what he was going to do and did not have sympathy for any of the families, who would have lost their children.

On the morning of the incident at Sage Valley Junior High School (Tuesday, November 13th), Warner said he woke up and decided he wanted to shoot up the school to honor his biological father, who had recently died.

He said when his father was a teenager, he had brought guns to school intending to shoot several people.

He added he "hoped he could go to jail, just like his father."

The guns came from the family truck, according to the affidavit.

On the bus ride to school, Warner told officers that he said a prayer asking God to provide him the opportunity to shoot all the students he could.

He said he decided to shoot a class whose teacher he didn't like, and where the students constantly teased him.

According to documents, he also would "shoot anyone who made him mad."

Warner said he showed another student the gun and said he was going to get in trouble.

The student ultimately went to the main office and told the Principal.

Warner is scheduled for a preliminary hearing in Campbell County Circuit Court on Wednesday, November 21st.

If convicted he could face life in prison.

Normally, names of juveniles accused of crimes are not provided to the media, unless they are being charged as an adult.

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