An Associated Students of the University of Wyoming’s resolution that would have permitted for the gay pride flag to be flown on the UW campus during Gay Pride Month in June has been indefinitely tabled by the UW Student Outreach and Policy committee.

Senate Resolution #2539 went through its first reading Feb. 21, at ASUW’s weekly meeting.

ASUW Senator Courtney Leigh Thomson-Lichty said ASUW rules and procedures require committees have a recommendation on resolutions before it is voted on by the entire ASUW senate.

“SOP discussed it and tabled it,” Thomson-Lichty said. “Since it was halted in committee, we cannot debate or vote on it.”

ASUW Director of Governmental affairs Chris Ryan said the SOP committee tabled the resolution to have more time to gain student opinions and feedback, as well as to make sure the language of the resolution was completely clear.

Ryan said ASUW is gathering student input and opinion on a Wyo-Guide mobile application survey and ASUW is welcoming all comment.

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