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Summertime in Wyoming is hard to beat especially with July 4th just around the corner. It's hard to deny that Independence Day is one of the most celebrated and enjoyed days of the year, mostly because there are a number of events to attend. Also, to be quite honest, most Americans know how to celebrate a birthday especially when that birthday belongs to the U.S.A. Here are a few events and ideas that might get you in the mood for 4th of July.


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Do It Yourself Firework Display!

For all you mothers and fathers out there don't judge to quickly as to why I put this as number one on the list. Unfortunately there aren't a whole lot of local events on July 4th in or around the Laramie area but one thing residents of Laramie have the benefit of is that it's legal to shoot fireworks off outside city limits! What could be more exciting then lighting off some fireworks with family and friends! Just a few words of advice though, BE CAREFUL! Laramie is a high plains desert and is not known for lush vegetation. So, if you plan on stocking up on a bounty of things that boom, bang, sizzle, or pop then make sure you are prepared with the necessary equipment. Fires are easier to start than some may think and if you are outside city limits that means that water may not be readily available. Anyways, enough of the safety talk, just be a safe and responsible member of society. I stand firm on my pick for number one because really what else could beat a night of fun with your friends shooting off cheap fireworks and celebrating the birth of our great country!
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Laramie's Firework Display!

If you have been a resident of Laramie for a long time then you more than likely know that "Fire In The Sky" is no more but Laramie will still have a firework display on the 4th. Due to Laramie's sporadic weather it's hard to guess if the weather will even permit fireworks. The weather has caused numerous problems for Laramie in the past, but if its a nice night then just plan on relaxing with friends and or family. Laramie does have many great locations to watch fireworks and if you plan ahead you can be sure to find a nice place to sit back relax and watch any fireworks that might light up the sky. My favorites spots are on W Hill North of town and the Jacoby Golf Course!
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If you have kids then Freedom Has A Birthday is a great event to go to! Freedom Has A Birthday is an annual event that is held in Washington Park every year. Local groups as well as a few food vendors set up tents and offer a variety of fun of different things. Food vendors offer things such as bbq sandwiches, kettle corn, dippin' dots to funnel cakes and indian tacos! Local groups and businesses also set up booths for your enjoyment. Unfortunately if you are looking for fireworks this isn't the event for you. Freedom Has A Birthday begins in the morning and runs through the afternoon, but why not get out of the house, walk around the park and enjoy our small towns celebration!
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If you are really looking to enjoy more than just a few hours with Uncle Sam then why not plan a trip to Denver! Denver is the closest big city to Laramie and it offers a ton of fun and exciting things to do for the 4th. Taking a trip to Denver does take some planning and of course money but you wont be disappointed. I've had the joy of going to Denver multiple times to celebrate the 4th and a great way to celebrate is to go to a Colorado Rapids Soccer game or a Colorado Rockies game! The link above will take you to the page you need to be if you think a Colorado Rapids game would be just the thing for you, your family or friends.
The Laramie Firecracker is an annual tournament hosted by The Laramie Rangers baseball team. When it comes to American sports there is no argument that baseball is America's #1 past time. Baseball and Independence Day go hand in hand! If you feel like having laid back and enjoyable 4th then why not head over to Cowboy Field and watch teams from around the region compete in 4 days of baseball!