It's fireworks season again, and Cheyenne residents are being reminded that most fireworks are illegal in the city.

The exceptions are sparklers and novelty items.

In the words of Cheyenne Police Department spokesman Kevin Malatesta ''Anything that goes in the air or explodes is prohibited." He went on to say ''You could receive a $225 fine if you're caught setting off those fireworks."

We should also mention that the annual Cheyenne Frontier Days fireworks show at Frontier Park will be held again this year, although the park itself won't be open because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Organizers say the show will be designed this year to be seen from various locations around the city.

But despite the fines for private use or even possession of most fireworks, it seems like the ordinance is widely ignored in much of the city, with explosions often heard and even seen in the days leading up to Independence day.

Based on that it would seem that there are a significant number of Cheyenne residents who don't agree with the ban.

So what do you think?

Should Cheyenne legalize fireworks? Or is the current ordinance needed to prevent more widespread safety and fire issues? How about veterans who may be suffering from PTSD? Or is the current law so widely ignored as to be ineffective anyway?

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Fireworks That are Legal and Illegal in Cheyenne


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