An opinion article in Forbes Magazine is calling on Wyoming Senator Mike Enzi to resign as chairman of the Senate Budget Committee.

In a scathing piece, author and budget expert Stan Collander says that the senator has continually failed in his primary duty to simply put together a budget to present to Congress.

Collander wrote, “Instead of actually doing anything like complying with the law and getting his committee to pass a budget resolution, Senate Budget Committee Chairman Mike Enzi (R-WY) last year had the testicular fortitude to hold a series of hearings about why the congressional budget process he was tanking wasn't working.

As one of the witnesses at one of these nonsensical and tax dollar-wasting hearings, I told Enzi the only reason the budget process wasn't being implemented was that he was refusing to implement it.”

Collander says the reluctance to assemble a budget resolution is due to politics and taxes.

He writes that last year, Enzi didn’t want Republicans to have to run on the deficit figures then, and this year…”By allowing the budget process to be used solely to expedite the Trump tax cut bill Enzi has ignored, evaded and sidestepped his responsibilities as budget chairman. The fact that the current tax cut plan will explode the deficit without any serious discussion by the budget committee about whether the economy actually needs any fiscal stimulus shows that he has abrogated his primary role.”

To read the full article, click HERE.

We have contacted Senator Enzi for a comment. Here is the response from his office.

"There’s no disagreement that the budget process needs improvement. Senator Enzi has not only been working on that in a bipartisan fashion, he’s made some progress. See here. There’s much more to do and Senator Enzi welcomes constructive input. He is proud of his work as Budget Chairman."

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