July 4 is coming up quick, Laramie residents may be looking to the fireworks stands to supply their own fireworks shows. But, remember that fireworks are not allowed in Laramie.

According to the City, within the city limits of Laramie at all times, personal fireworks are prohibited. This restriction is applicable within the jurisdictional boundary of the City of Laramie.

In addition, here are the rules about fireworks in other areas around Laramie:

  • A) United States Department of Agriculture, US Forest Service lands: No Fireworks allowed
  • B) United States Department of Interior, Bureau of Land Management: No Fireworks allowed
  • C) State of Wyoming administered lands: No Fireworks allowed
  • D) State of Wyoming, Game and Fish administered lands: No Fireworks allowed E) Within the City of Laramie limits: No Fireworks allowed
  • F) Privately owned land within Albany County with property owner’s permission: Fireworks are allowed outside the city limits, unless fire restrictions have been put in place by the Albany County Commissioners.

Having fireworks within city limits is illegal according to Municipal Code, which has adopted the International Fire Code, which states in section 5601.1.3 that the "possession, manufacture, storage, sale, handling and use of fireworks are prohibited." Additionally, section 15.24.040.A.12 of the Laramie Municipal code states that "Provisions of Chapter 56 pertaining to fireworks shall extend to and be enforceable within city limits."



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