The 2011 City of Laramie sponsored Fire in the Sky fireworks display will be at 10:00 PM on Monday, July 4th unless the prevailing weather conditions prevent the show. In case of inclement weather, the show will be held July 5th. KCGY-FM (95.1) will be broadcasting patriotic music during the display.

Stonebraker Rocky Mountain Fireworks of Denver will supply the fireworks. Stonebraker pyrotechnician Dave Akers returns for his 19th consecutive display in Laramie. The display will again be launched from the parking lot of the Aragon Softball Complex near 22nd and Armory Road.

Dedication: This year’s display is dedicated to the memory of former University of Wyoming Police Department Captain Kevin White. During his almost 30 years of service, Kevin participated in the planning and safe conduct of the Fire in the Sky concerts and fireworks. He also served in the State Legislature as a representative from Albany County. Kevin and his wife, Berlinda, were active volunteers in the community and served as Albany County foster parents for 10 years. He was most recently employed as the security officer for the Wyoming State Supreme Court.

Kevin will be remembered for his professionalism, quick smile, sense of humor, and love of life. He was a devoted friend and family man. He is survived by his wife Berlinda, sons Kevin Jr. and Kyle, and daughters Alyssa and Brooke.

Road closures:  Portions of N. 22nd Street, Armory Road, and Television Road will be closed prior to the display because of their proximity to the drop zone. Twenty-second Street will be closed between Willett Drive and Harney Street. Armory Road will be closed west from Television Road to 22nd Street. Television Road will be closed from the intersection at Armory Road north to Harney Street. Harney Street will not be closed in the immediate vicinity unless the prevailing wind conditions require that closure. This is being done in an attempt to minimize traffic congestion due to the display.

No spectator parking will be permitted along Harney Street between the intersections with Television Road and N. 19th Street. Winds have carried shell debris to the intersection at 22nd and Harney and onto portions of Harney Street north of the launch site during previous displays.

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