The Cirrus Sky Trail project will take another step forward at a public open house scheduled for   6-7:30 p.m. Thursday at Laramie Fire Station No. 2 on the corner of Reynolds and 23rd Street.

The project’s planning and design team will update the public on the latest developments on the project and consider feedback as it moves toward completion of the planning phase.

The trail is planned for the Cirrus Sky or Coughlin Ridge on the north side of Laramie.

Ed Waddell, project manager for the planning phase, says the trail will also include a public art component that will be created from the soil removed as the trail is constructed.

“The question is: what do we do with this dirt?” says Waddell. “So our artist said, ‘Well, why don’t we use it as a sculpture medium?’”

Waddell says Lisa Cameron Russell of Fort Collins will handle the public art component.

“I think the concept is brilliant,” says Waddell.

The City says the Cirrus Sky Trail section will hopefully be just one part of a proposed public trail system that will wrap all the way around Laramie.

Members of the consultant team as well as City staff will be available to record suggestions and answer questions at Thursday’s open house.

According the City website, the open house will be the last public open house for this project. Engineering design work is slated to begin in March, and the City hopes construction will begin in late summer or fall.

Substantial completion of the project is expected late this year or early next year.

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