Would it be super cool for a fan of Wyoming football to actually see Josh Allen go from Brown and Gold to Orange and Blue? Many of us have already been seeing it for a while, even if we didn’t really see it happening. To spare hopes, in case it doesn’t happen, we stress that this is not confirmed, but in Wyoming and all of Broncos Country, it is nearly breaking news, even though highly speculative. It's really intriguing that ESPN draft expert Todd McShay, in his first 2017 mock draft, does see Denver taking Josh.

Again, we stress there is a reason it’s called a “mock draft,” but the ESPN expert gives reasons this makes sense. I happen to agree it does make more sense now than it did at the beginning of the Bronco’s season. McShay calls Josh “very raw,” and then says, “If Denver doesn’t address the (quarterback) position in free agency, Allen should be the pick.” And he thinks that will be fifth. Oddly, McShay said he, personally, would not take Allen top 5, but he gives more reasons he thinks the Broncos will see a good fit.

Holy cow, just when we were thinking San Francisco (near the Allen family home), or Pittsburg (to be the next Roethlisberger), two things really do make sense. Josh’s 2017 stats and Denver’s 2017 record may allow a steal. I mean it allows a pick plenty high enough for “very raw” to still be on the board.

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