The Game and Fish says some hunters in Wyoming may have been listed incorrectly for elk area drawings due to a mistake entering quotas. The error will affect hunters who applied for area 7 type 1 as well as those for area 124 type 4. Some of those who were listed as being successful in the drawing for elk area 7 type 1 were actually unsuccessful. In addition, some people who were listed as being unsuccessful in the draw for area 124 type 4 will be receiving licenses.

License drawings are conducted with a random number computer process. Due to an error, the quota for area 7 was overstated by more than 1,200 licenses. In area 124 type 4 there was no quota actually listed, so every person who applied was listed as unsuccessful.

Game and Fish representatives say the drawings themselves were not conducted in error, but the results were published in error.

“The same random numbers assigned in the drawing were used to re-evaluate the draw for these areas to publish the correct information,” says Game and Fish fiscal division chief Jean Cole.

Cole also added that no licenses were actually issued and that the problem was quickly identified. She along with Jennifer Doering, license section manager, said that the problem was found just over an hour after the posting and a statement was placed on the website informing people about the mistake. They said the results were corrected on the website around 7 p.m.

Cole and Doering added that steps have been put in place to prevent this from happening in the future.

The Game and Fish will be contacting all applicants who were affected by the inaccurate information. They will explain the results and how the new revised data was determined.

The Game and Fish apologizes for any inconvenience this has caused for hunters.

Correct information has been entered for these drawings and all others. Hunters can access their drawing information at the Wyoming Game and Fish website at

For a map of elk areas in Wyoming click here.