Okay Rawlins, we need to talk. Right now the reputation for the worst behavior in Wyoming is between you and Rock Springs. I know, you're thinking Rock Springs is worse, but you guys are catching up, fast.

On the other hand it might be a good way to recruit new police officers to Wyoming. Just tell applicants how much fun it is to work in a state where you get into a "high speed chase" with a drunk guy who is trying to outrun you on a tractor.

The radio station Saratoga’s Bigfoot 99 reports that one Mr. Farrington was driving his orange tractor through town. No big deal there. We see that all the time in Wyoming. But on the wrong side of the street? Add to that, he was having trouble keeping it in the wrong lane anyway.

A Rawlins police officer, lets call him Barney, took off after the tractor.  (No disrespect is intended to the actual police officer. It just makes the story funnier to picture Barney Fife in hot pursuit).

YES, the chase included lights and sirens - at about 5 miles an hour.  The local radio station did report that Farrington “turned in his seat to look at Sgt. Robertson several times but continued driving.” Farrington, in his condition, probably thought the lights were pretty and the siren was the sound of his nagging wife. Who knows.

Eventually Farrington stopped and tried to go inside his home.

The officer approached. He tried to get Farrington to take a sobriety test. Farrington refused.

Now, you're not going to believe this next part but.. I swear it is true.

Farrington’s mother walked out of the house and told officers her son had been drinking.

Bigfoot 99 reported that police documents said Farrington smelled “very strongly of alcohol and could hardly hold himself up.  He was slurring his words, was combative and argumentative.”

If you are a police officer, or just graduating as one, and you really don't want to get involved in all the rioting, drugs, and lord knows what else you would have to put up with in the big cities, I'd like to invite you to become a police officer in one of Wyoming's small towns. Most of the time it quiet. At times even boring - until someone gets drunk and fires up the old John Deer.

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