A new report from the driver's education website Zutobi ranks Wyoming as the third-worst state in the country for drunk driving in 2020, the last year for which full numbers are available, according to the website.

You can read the full DUI report here.

It's worth noting that the new report from Zutobi is hardly an outlier, as many national surveys over the years have rated Wyoming as one of the states with the highest DUI rates.

In fact, Zutobi last year released a report showing Wyoming as the second-worst state for drunk driving, trailing only North Dakota on the group's 2021 report (based on 2019 numbers).

Wyoming actually improved slightly in the latest Zutobi survey, going from a severity score of 79.2 last year to 78.7 in 2022. This year's Zutobi report ranked Montana as the worst state for drunk driving with a severity score of 84.1, while South Dakota was second at 80.4.

The severity score includes DUI arrests per 1000 drivers, DUI road fatalities per 1000 drivers, the percentage of all highway deaths in which drunk driving was a factor, and the percentage increase in total road fatalities since 2018.

Perhaps the only good news for Wyoming in the report is that, unlike most of the rest of the country, drunk driving didn't show a big increase in 2020.

That's because the report says drunk driving nationally increased significantly in 2020 compared to the previous year:

"The year 2020, being the first year of the COVID pandemic, shows a clear trend shift in drunk driving fatalities. With 11,654 deaths, drunk driving stood for 30% of all road fatalities (up from 28% in 2019) – the worst year since 2005. 

Compared to the previous year, drunk driving fatalities are up a staggering 14.9% nationwide, dealing a heavy blow to safety advocates and regulators alike."

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