On a recent trip to the east coast, I ran into something I'd never seen before and not sure we will see this anytime soon in Wyoming.

As I was on my way back to the airport for my return trip home, I stopped into a gas station to top off my rental car before I returned it.  As I started up the gas pump and turned to sit back down in the car (a habit we do in Wyoming to get out of the wind), I heard music and talking from the direction of the gas pump.

To my surprise, the same payment terminal I had just used to enter my credit card and info to purchase fuel, had converted into a mini television screen and was running through several short entertainment videos.  They mixed in several short advertisements in between clips to market local theme parks and area businesses.


This was my first encounter with this type of entertainment and marketing.  They had my attention, so I guess it works!  I watched a short entertainment news followed by a short advertisement, I reached for my phone and grabbed this short video.  When the pump handle clicked off, the video and audio stopped as well.  A different type of reminder that my gas tank was now full.

I doubt we will see these type of gas pumps in Wyoming anytime soon, but if you're traveling to a big city or headed back east, don't be surprised when your gas pump starts talking to you.

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