Yesterday I posted the unfortunate story of a young woman whose dog ran and jumped into one of Yellowstone's hot springs. She went after the dog.

To save the dog she had to enter the hot spring. Then, she needed to be rescued.  Her father pulled her out and drove her and the dog to West Yellowstone, Montana. From there she was then transported to the Burn Center at Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center.

While the young woman has survived, though seriously burned, her dog has died.

A GoFundMe campaign was launched by the family of Laiha Slayton, the woman who was burned. It has raised $26,000 as of early Thursday morning. The money raised will pay her medical expenses and help the family with food and lodging as long as they have to stay near her hospital.

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There are those who get burned in these thermals because they are stupid. Some just had an accident and everything goes wrong. Now we have this story of a woman who had to save her dog. Humans should know better. We can excuse the dog.

Even when the park is closed people fall in. Last winter the park was closed for a time for both winter and COVID. Yet a woman managed to sneak in to take photos. I'm sure the snowy scene, minus all the people, was beautiful. Yet she managed to step too far backwards to take a picture and fell off the boardwalk. She tried driving herself to a hospital. A park ranger pulled her over and noticed her rather serious burns and called for help. She was rushed to a hospital.

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