As much as we love our state, Wyoming isn't exactly a word that rolls off the tongue. In fact, if you ask people from out of states, especially not in the west, they barely remember the fact that we are a state. Some people don't even think that Wyoming exists! But you may or may not realize that we share our state name with several cities in the U.S.

Before we take a look at those cities, where did 'Wyoming' actually originate? As in, where did our state name come from? According to, it comes from a Delaware Indian language where it means either 'large plains' or 'mountains and valleys alternating'. I mean we do have both here, so that makes sense.

Apparently in Munsee language, it also means 'at the big river flat', and in Algonquin, it's 'a large prairie place'. I suppose all those work from out state, but they all originate out east from the Wyoming Valley. So because of that, it's quite fitting that most of these cities are in the east. Let's take a look...

14 Cities in the U.S. Named 'Wyoming'

There it is. All the cities in the U.S. named Wyoming. I'm pretty sure we definitely got the better deal of it all getting to take the name and give it to a whole state. That works for us.

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