When CSU Senior Lexi DeForest fell down a trench while hiking at Vedauwoo Recreation Area near Laramie, her ankle snapped, and her foot was nearly detached from her leg. While her hiking companion ran for help, Lexi waited patiently for help to arrive.

During her wait, she stayed calm by making a video diary which she posted on YouTube four days later. Her mangled ankle, calm demeanor and pretty smile quickly caught on, and the video went viral. Since posting the video to the internet on August 15th, the video has been watched over 360,000 times.

In the video Lexi stays calm and collected. She gives shout outs to her friends and family, talks about her college life, and even talks about how much she loves her dog. Lexi says she is afraid, but still stays calm on tape while waiting for medical attention.

WARNING: Before viewing be advised that the video below does show the disturbing image of the badly broken ankle, and also includes some adult language. Those who are squeamish may want to think twice before watching.

While this video may be entertaining, there are lessons to be learned from this tape. Here are a few hiking tips to keep yourself safe on your next hiking adventure.

- Wear proper footwear

Be knowledgeable about the terrain in which you will be hiking, and bring shoes or boots to keep your feet and ankles safe. Having shoes meant for hiking and that go above the ankle is always a good idea. If there is any chance of your shoes getting wet, slip resistant footwear is also something you may want to invest in.

- Bring someone with you

Having alone time is always nice, but for your safety it is best to bring a friend along for the hike. In this case, it helped Lexi get out of a bad situation in a relatively short amount of time. Nobody expects anything to happen, but if something does it is great to have someone to run and get help, to keep you calm and even help you get to a safe location.

- Tell people where you are going and when you will be back

Even if you have someone with you on your hike,you should always tell people where you will be going and what time or day you expect to be back. This simple act could help save your life if something happened while you’re hiking in the wilderness. Friends back home will be able to notify authorities of where you are if you don’t make it back around the expected time.

- Wear proper clothing and dress in layers

Remember it is easier to remove layers of clothing than to add clothes you forgot to bring. Pay attention to your terrain and the weather forecast to determine which clothing should be brought along. Dressing in layers may seem silly when you leave the house for a hike on a warm summer day, but you never know if the weather will turn.

- Bring water and snacks

Staying hydrated is an important thing for daily life, but it is especially important when you are exerting yourself with activities like hiking. Be sure to bring lots of water. Bring more water than you think you will need, as it’s better to have too much than not enough. Bringing some form of snacks is always good too. Exercise can make you hungry, and you will want to have plenty of energy to hike back.

- Stay on designated trails

To minimize your impact on the environment and to lessen your chances of getting lost, it is always best to stay on designated trails. Pre-established trails usually have fewer hazards, but they still provide a beautiful hiking experience. If you choose to go off designated trails, you should always bring a map, compass and a GPS if you have one.

Remembering these simple hiking tips could help you to prevent an accident, or could make the situation a little better if an accident does occur. Remember these simple tips when preparing for your next hiking trip, and it could make the trip even more enjoyable.