Laramie and SE Wyoming are blessed with the gorgeous scenery of the Medicine Bow National Forest. Its towering pines and majestic rock sculptures still manage to take my breath away whenever I escape the city to enjoy its beauty. And, with the weather getting warmer, plenty of folks are ready to get out there and enjoy the forest.

With Earth Day in mind and the summer season soon to arrive, the rangers at Medicine Bow-Routt National Forests and Thunder Basin National Grassland have an important reminder for park visitors: Leave No Trace.

It's easy to forget that our national forests aren't just for us - even though it can feel like that when you're solo hiking in the trees. But if we want our Laramie Range and Medicine Bow to remain a natural wonder, Park Rangers remind us that we have to do our part to take care of it.

How To Practice "Leave No Trace"

During your next visit to Medicine Bow, keep these tips in mind to #LeaveNoTrace

1. Visit in smaller groups to reduce human presence in a natural habitat.

2. Camp in designated camping spaces to protect the natural habitat.

3. Hike in a single file to reduce environmental damage, and try not to move any natural barriers like rocks or logs while on the trails.

4. Dispose of the trash correctly. For example, package up extra food, throw the trash and food waste into bins (this helps prevent bears,) and use biodegradable soap when washing dishes, hands, or clothes while camping.

5. Leave what you find behind. Don't remove rocks, plants, or artifacts from the national forest.

6. Don't pet the animals. Don't bother the animals. Just smile and watch the animals, okay?

7. Let nature provide her own soundtrack - you're there to enjoy nature, so avoid blaring your classic rock or pop music while on the trails.

Click here for more information on Medicine Bow National Forest and its Park Rangers.

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