Cheyenne Regional Medical Center's Chief Medical Officer says the COVID 19 shots that are available to the American public are both safe and effective, despite claims to the contrary being made on social media and by many conspiracy theorists.

In fact, Dr. Jeffrey Chapman says he and his entire family are fully vaccinated, a step he would not have taken if he had any doubts about the vaccine. Chapman says that while no medical procedure is 100 percent foolproof, whatever risks might be a factor in getting vaccinated pale in comparison to the very real risks of death or severe illness posed by the COVID-19 virus.

Chapman said federal statistics show that people who are vaccinated are ten times less likely to die or become seriously ill from the virus, and five times less likely to become infected at all.

He says many of the supposed ''dangers'' that people claim are associated with the vaccine are either wildly exaggerated or are just simply not true.

Chapman made the comments on the ''Weekend In Wyoming' program on Saturday, Sept. 11 on AM 650, KGAB. You can hear the entire interview with Dr. Chapman by clicking on the audio file below.

Wyoming has one of the lowest COVID vaccination rates in the country, at about 40 percent or so at last report.

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