This is somewhat unexpected, hip hop artist, B.O.B. was set to perform at the Cheyenne Civic Center next Thursday, July 14. But, the event itself on AXS has listed the show as canceled. You can check out the link for yourself here.

I searched for a while on both Cheyenne Present's website and all of B.O.B.'s links to try and find a release on the story, but there's nothing that explains the sudden cancelation of the show. So, we can really only have our own speculation in our minds.

While neither party said anything about the cancelation, the show has been taken off Cheyenne Present's website, so that's a pretty clear clue that the show isn't happening. This is pretty disappointing, B.O.B. is a solid act with Chiddy Bang opening for him.

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With that, next week is looking to be a very strong weekend for concerts with Twista and Petey Pablo hitting the stage at Fridays On The Plaza's Saturday event for Culture X. Which, they usually have a hip hop artist in tow for Culture X(4-Ever West Tattoo Festival And Paint Slingers) last year we had a free show from Coolio. So, if you're still needing some hip hop in your life, Cheyenne Presents still has you covered next weekend. It should be noted that Cheyenne Presents does an awesome job of getting great acts in town, so this is pretty surprising

While it's a bummer that the show is seemingly canceled, we still have plenty to look forward to happening in Cheyenne over the next month. It seems like we'll have a festival or special event every week now, so let's get out and enjoy everything going on in Cheyenne!

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